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Participatory Performance 2015

Villa Favard, Florence


This performance explores the relationship between the body and garment and how the most simple adjust­ment can transform the way the wearer moves and feels. It investigates the particular way we dress ourselves and what happens when our clothing is adjusted by another. In Erving Goffman’s book The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life he discusses the simple alterations we make in posture and behavior in the presence of others. This is something we perform everyday and sometimes without noticing. This project studies the complexities between garment, body and space and how a simple alteration can adjust the way we feel, behave and relate to others. Sometimes, we experience this when a friend tucks in our tag, or removes a hair. Through Adjusting another’s clothes this performance observes the shift in behavior that can occur during and after this encounter. Is there a change in stance? Does the participant walk, feel, differently? Is there a desire to check themselves in the mir­ror?




ele Varcoe

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