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Fashion People collaboration with Ricarda Bigolin

Participatory Catwalk Fashion Show

London College of Fashion, London, 2011

Fashion People is a participatory project that aims to mix the roles associated with members of a fashion system, taking fashion to the people and inviting collaboration in all parts of the process.

The first Fashion People event was all about the brows. Held at the London Fashion Colloquia in September 2011. Fashion People collaborated with 20 Melbourne designers who were invited to create two sets of brows that reflected their design practice. The brows were shipped over to London to be presented at the London Fashion Colloquia as the BROW WOW WOW 2011 catwalk fashion show. People at the Colloquia were given a coloured sticker that indicated a role that they would play in the making of a catwalk fashion show. 30 people received a yellow sticker which indicated 'model'. 4 received a green sticker which indicated 'photographer' and 5 received a red sticker which indicated 'fashion critic'. Together the roles came together to present the BROW WOW WOW 2011 catwalk fashion show!


MELBOURNE BROW DESIGNERS: Anna McLaren, Hannah Chamely, Tania Splawa- Neyman, Pia Interlandi, Sanya Pahoki, Naomi Raggatt, Pagent, Rose Megirian, Joanna Henning, Ricarda Bigolin, Adele Varcoe, Liam Revell, Tori Nimmervoll, Cassandra Wheat, Simon Browne, Simone Agius, Mick and Feride Peel, Hugh Westland, Tarryn Handcock, Blake Barnes, Madeline Stagg and Kieran Barney


PHOTOGRAPHY BY Panos Damaskinidis

Adele Varcoe



These beautiful photographs of the individual brows were taken by the wonderful Linda Tegg From left to right brows designed by: 1.Heavy Brow by Tori Nimmervoll, 2. Gilded Brow by Tarryn Handcock 3. The emperors new brows by Adele Varcoe 4. Brow wow wow holly cow by Sanya Pahoki 5. Brow Bling by Rose Megirian 6. Brow- Jab by Ricarda Bigolin 7. Angry Bastard by Naomi Raggatt 8. Mono Brat by Pagent 9. Feeling bare by Madeline Stagg 10. Bad Barneys by Kieran Barney 11.The Albert Einsteins by Simone Says 12. Ashes to Ashes by Simon Browne 13.Sanya Pahoki 14. Sempers- Brow by Liam Revell 15. Big fuck off brows by Naomi Raggatt 16. She smiles sheepishly by Mick and Feride Peel 17. Feeling sparse by Madeline Stagg 18. Low- Brow by Hugh Westland 19. Dressing by Liam Revell 20. Rupunzel Brow by Cassandra Wheat 21. Browser by Mick and Feride Peel 22. Knitted brow by Tania Splawa- Neyman 23. Aprons for eyebrows by Tania Splawa- Neyman 24. Fashion Ensemble by Anna McLaren 25. Right eye roll cage by Blake Barnes 26. Brow Aid by Joanna Henning 27. Wearing your eyebrows by Hannah Chamely 28. Disco Howards by Cassandra Wheat




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