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Newfangled Fashion is an exploration into how the people around us affect the way we feel in what we choose to wear. Heavily inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale The Emperors New Clothes this work plays with what the world could be like if no one wore clothes. By creating a reverse scenario of the story it set up a situation where even though the general public were the ones wearing clothes it was the naked audience who felt dressed. Exploring the collective and what happens when what you choose to wear does not align with what the people are wearing around you. Is this enough to make you feel undressed?


On the opening night the general public queued out the front of a gold tent to strut their stuff down a catwalk in front of a naked audience. Before entering the tent public were asked to fill out a model application form. This form prepared the person for the catwalk. The form asked them about their walk, their special talents and for a description of what they were wearing.


When exiting the tent the participant was given a gold envelope that invited them to visit After the show the participant jumped online to view images of themselves strutting their stuff down the catwalk.The website is a play on fashion websites such as who upload the hottest, latest trend straight off the Paris catwalk within hours. After the opening night a screen which played the video below was installed inside the tent.


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Link to article by Tullia Jack

Photography Pete Waters




Participatory Catwalk Fashion Show

Craft Victoria, Melbourne, 2011

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