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iFOLD: A NEW FASHION, A NEW YOU was part of the L’Oreal Melbourne fashion festival.
It was an installation performance event that involved participants being guided through a custom made tent wearing headphones and a blindfold.
The sound playing on the headphones mimicked the sounds of a fashion catwalk show. Participants eavesdropped in on conversations that described the aesthetics of a hot new
trend called ‘Skin Folding’. This encouraged them to start to imagine what Skin Folding might look like. To accompany the sound the participant was presented with an article from Vogue magazine. This article sensationalized Skin Folding and encouraged the viewer to start to position Skin Folding as fashion in their mind. It was important that the viewer never saw inside the tent to keep them questioning if there really was a fashion show going on inside. This was also important due to the fact that being in Australia we rarely see a Paris catwalk show in reality. We usually experience these shows through the internet or in fashion magazines. This work also played on the power of these devices that introduce and set new trends that the public generally follow.

The other component to the work was a speech from the curator Nella Themelios who told her story of being at the Skin Folding show in Paris. This further positioned Skin Folding as fashion in peoples minds and enabled them to experience another perspective of being at the show that futher positioned Skin Folding as fashion in their mind.


Link to Article click HERE

Photography: Pete Waters 




Audio Fashion Show, part of L'Oreal Fashion Festival

Craft Victoria, Melbourne, 2010 Adele Varcoe

'Aussie Designer Bares All'

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***Please close your eyes and wear headphones

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