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iFOLD: say ‘hello’ to the new you was part of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festi- val and the First Cut Exhibition at Project Space. This was a one night participatory performance event This work aimed to introduce the audience to the sensation of Skin Folding. Before entering the tent the visitor was asked to complete a personality test to ensure they were prepared to be ‘handled’. The personality test also revealed what they thought about fashion and gave some indication of their perception of Skin Folding. Behind the white curtain there was not a mirror in sight. All the attention was on the sensation of the fold. One Polaroid photograph was taken and the folds were re- moved. The Polaroid photograph was given to the participant when they exited the tent. Here they experienced what they looked like with their skin folded. Having the only image of themselves looking completely transformed gave the participant the choice to who they wanted to reveal themselves to and give some indication of what happened inside.

Curated by Stephen Gallagher. Artists in the show: Winnie Ha, Liam Revell, Ricarda Bigolin, Antuong Nguyen, Mark McDean, William Mackrell

Thank you Stephen, Project Space and the amazing iFOLD crew: Cathy, Peter, Robin, Liam, Col and Andrew!


Photography: Pete Waters



iFOLD: Say 'hello' to the new you

Extreme Transformations

Project Space, Melbourne, 2011 Adele Varcoe

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